About Us

Quad Technologies is a privately held life sciences company, based in Massachusetts, focused on transforming cell separation and cell therapy workflows through our disruptive QuickGel™ technology.

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 Our Core Technology Platform

The core technology platform underpinning everything we do, QuickGel™ is a dissolvable, cell-friendly hydrogel which is enabling advanced discoveries in diverse translational medicine applications, from sample preparation to cell therapy.

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MagCloudz™ Cell Separation Kits

We are pleased to offer MagCloudz™ Cell Separation Kits, the gold standard for tag-free cell isolation and release. Access the power of QuickGel™ in your lab via an easy to use and affordable format.

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Cell Isolation Success Stories

Quad Technologies has partnered with several key leaders in the areas of translational medicine, stem cell research and cancer therapy. Click below to read more about our collaborators’ successful implementation of our QuickGel™ technology in each of their unique research environments.

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