Founded in 2013 to explore the potential of a unique dissolvable hydrogel technology invented at Northeastern University, Quad Technologies is disrupting cell separation and cell therapy workflows by providing cell biologists with a simple, cell-friendly capture and release technology for cell isolation. Our primary focus is on developing best-in-class cell separation reagents for immuno-oncology and translational medicine applications.

The most promising areas of translational medical research today, such as CAR-T cancer therapies and stem cell-based regenerative medicine, require scientists to isolate and grow pure, healthy cell populations from complex starting materials such as blood and tissue. Most current approaches used to isolate and purify cell populations are associated with low cell viability, low recovery efficiency and undesirable phenotypic changes due to retained magnetic labels on the cells, leftover from the cell separation process. Quad Technologies is improving existing cell separation tools by leveraging our novel QuickGel™ technology platform to provide drastically improved cell viability, purity and recovery while maintaining a native cellular phenotype. Read more about our core QuickGel™ technology here.

At Quad Technologies, we are committed to supporting researchers and clinicians working in the areas of translational medicine and cell therapy applications by delivering an industry-leading cell separation technology. Our primary goal is to help deliver breakthrough therapies to the clinic by improving cell purity and viability for translational medical applications. Through our collaborative relationships with thought leaders in clinical, pharmaceutical and biological research arenas, we are helping exceptional scientists deliver advanced therapies for conditions such as cancer and diabetes.