MagCloudz Streptavidin Cell Separation Kit

Catalog No.: MC1001     FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY

MagCloudz™ Streptavidin Cell Separation Kit enables cell isolation and release using any biotinylated antibody of your choice directed against your cellular target of interest. MagCloudz have been engineered with an exterior streptavidin coating, which demonstrates excellent protein loading and higher biotin binding capacity compared to leading competitors.

The cell separation protocol for the MagCloudz Streptavidin kit is straightforward, readily scalable, and takes approximately two hours start-to-finish. Each kit provides sufficient reagents for processing up to one billion cells or 100 tests.


Q-Mag Magnetic Stand with MagCloudz Streptavidin Cell Separation Kit 

Catalog No.: MC2001    FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY

Q-Mag Magnetic Stand supports the  magnetic cell separation steps of the MagCloudz Streptavidin Cell Separation kit workflow and is available as part of a starter package with the MagCloudz kit.

The Q-Mag magnetic stand includes an ergonomic design, making it manually user friendly during the separation process, while enabling easy sample transport during incubation and vortexing steps.  The stand is clear for convenient sample visualization and accommodates up to sixteen 1.5-2ml microcentrifuge tubes.

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Each MagCloudz Streptavidin Cell Separation Kit Includes:

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The only specialized equipment required for use is Q-Mag Magnetic Stand  or comparable microcentrifuge accommodating magnetic stand.   Biotinylated antibody of choice is also required.

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