MagCloudz Streptavidin Cell Separation Kit
MagCloudz Streptavidin Cell Separation Kit 5MagCloudz Streptavidin Cell Separation Kit 4

MagCloudz™ Streptavidin Cell Separation Kit


Each kit is all-inclusive, providing sufficient reagents to process up to one billion (109) total cells; 100 tests at 10 million cells each.


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Product Description

This kit is designed for the isolation and recovery of target cell populations from within complex biological samples using a biotinylated antibody of choice. This protocol takes advantage of the high affinity of streptavidin-biotin interactions coupled with our unique MagCloudz™ platform, offering high biocompatibility, low non-specific binding, and most critically, high viability of magnetic label-free recovered target cells.

To perform cell isolation and recovery, simply add MagCloudz™ Streptavidin to a cell sample containing biotinylated ligands (i.e. antibodies directed against the desired target cell marker). During a short incubation period, the biotinylated antibodies will bind to the MagCloudz™ Streptavidin forming a complex. The MagCloudz™-ligand-target cell complex is then easily separated from the sample using a magnet. Finally, the addition of Cell Release Buffer dissociates the MagCloudz™-ligand-target cell complex resulting in a high-yield recovery of the target cell from the initial sample.

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