Quad Technologies: Launching a New Era in Cell Separation

Cell separation technologies and products from Quad Technologies address two of the greatest challenges in the advancement of cellular immune therapies today:  1) successfully and rapidly separating cells in the laboratory without threatening their viability, and 2) translating that success to a greater scale in clinical manufacturing applications.

THeader_ArticleHeader_Article_1he company’s work is ushering in a new generation in cell separation that gives researchers a tool that streamlines the cell separation process—and creates new potential to bring that process into widespread clinical use.

The technology behind this differentiated cell separation method is QuickGel. QuickGel is a unique dissolvable hydrogel , which facilitates gentle cellular capture and instantaneous release. The complete cellular release results in high viability for target cell populations, thus supporting successful downstream use and analysis. Already at work in research laboratories at institutions such as Northeastern University and the University of Massachusetts Medical School, QuickGel technology offers benefits not available with conventional cell separation products.

QuickGel is the enabling technology for MagCloudz cell separation kits for research laboratories. MagCloudz kits include a simple and fast magnetic cell separation process that leaves isolated target rare cells free of magnetic labels. Using a different methodology from conventional magnetic cell separation kits, MagCloudz utilizes magnetic particles to manipulate the QuickGel material through the cell separation process, after which the QuickGel instantly dissolves to release cells from the potentially damaging magnetic particles. The net effect is healthier and more viable cells for translational research.Inset_ArticlesInset_Article_1_small

Simplified workflows for cell separation, ease of use and the ability to recover more viable cells: It’s a unique combination of qualities, all of which are highly attractive in the quest to scale from academic research settings to cellular immune therapy applications beyond the lab.

Quad Technologies’ goal has always been to develop tools that are equally suitable for performing academic research and developing large-scale cell therapy applications—and to bridge the gap between the two. In pursuit of that goal, the company’s initial focus has been on the purification of T-cells for T-cell immune therapy. There, the greatest challenge has been meeting the need for robust tools to scale the purification, activation and expansion of T-cells—a need which QuickGel and MagCloudz kits specifically can fill.

T-cell immune therapy is part of a larger market for cellular immune therapy that’s on the verge of exploding into a new age of medicine—a coming era that holds the promise of cures for conditions that ten years ago no one could even contemplate curing. In another ten years, it’s entirely possible that cells will be effectively considered as drugs to cure  oncological and other deadly diseases for which successful treatments have proved elusive until now.

To bring that vision of the future of medicine to fruition will require new resources for faster, better, larger-scale bioprocessing. And that’s where Quad Technologies’ future lies: in enabling the processes that will make the development of new cell-based treatments both practical and possible.