What is QuickGel™?

  • A unique hydrogel which is highly biologically compatible and non-cytotoxic
  • Can be functionalized with any biological capture moiety (e.g. antibodies or other proteins)
  • Dissolvable; easily removed without damage to targeted cells or proteins
  • Enables high efficiency purification and release of cells or proteins of interest
  • Improved purity and viability of cells for regenerative medicine and immunotherapy

Purification and enrichment of specific cell populations from complex starting samples is a critical component of multiple life science workflows spanning basic research through clinical sample processing. In such workflows, the key objective is to obtain a highly pure and viable population of cells for downstream applications and analysis. However, most biological purification protocols lack the ability to readily release target cells from capture molecules in a manner which does not alter the viability and phenotype of the isolated cells.

To address this limitation, Quad Technologies developed QuickGel, a unique hydrogel which is biocompatible, can be easily functionalized with cell capture agents such as antibodies, and can be dissolved rapidly simply by switching to a buffer containing a chelating agent.

QuickGel Mechanism Figure

Together, these properties of QuickGel provide a unique, proprietary technology which dramatically increases cell viability compared to conventional cell separation products and eliminates retained cell capture particles from isolated cell populations. Among its many benefits, the single greatest advantage of QuickGel™ is that the dissolution process does not affect cell phenotype or viability as other coating chemistries do.


The first commercially available products incorporating QuickGelare our MagCloudz™ cell separation kits . Although our primary focus is on cell isolation applications, QuickGel also is well-suited to protein and nucleic acid purification. For other QuickGel applications, or to learn more about the possibility of collaborating with us, click here.


Further reading

QuickGel builds on technologies originally published by scientists at Northeastern University. Further information on the technology and its applications may be found in the following peer-reviewed journal articles, which describe how our functionalized hydrogel approach enables high efficiency capture and release of target cells from complex starting populations, and facilitates downstream in vitro and in vivo applications using the released cells.


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