Cell Separation

The QuickGel phase change hydrogel is the core technology platform used in Quad’s flagship MagCloudz Cell Separation kit.  QuickGel is used to encapsulate magnetic particles and is functionalized with the end user’s biotinylated capture protein.  Following the cell separation process, QuickGel is instantly dissolved with the addition of release buffer.  Upon release, cells are left magnetic label free.

QuickGel technology used in MagCloudz has been applied to several cell separation workflows, including key applications in T Cell and Stem Cell research.



Cell Activation and Expansion

QuickGel has also been used for activation and expansion of T Cells, exhibiting promising workflow enhancing utility for applications relevant to research and clinical bioprocessing for cell therapy.   This work was presented at the 58th Annual American Society of Hematology (ASH) Conference in San Diego, CA.